“Just start something.”

I reached a point in my life where I have to prove to myself that all the things I learned and done in the past are worth something. And it’s time for other people to see it. I can do a lot of things, but what I want? I want to solve my problems, and make my life better. I’m an entreprener at heart, so I find problems… everytime, everywhere, and I ask myself:
  1. Is it a problem worth solving?
  2. can I solve it?
  3. Do I really want to solve it, or it will make me loose focus?
IF I respond YES to all those questions THEN, I mentally categorize the problem priority 1. Personal, little itch that also general public has (validated) (Ex. a new technology comes, you feel the obvious need to feel a vacuum, as Jeremy Olson call it in his app making course 2.  Personal, medium sized problems. Solution is not so obvious, you are creating something new or changing something, in a new way. (ex. Facebook, Instagram 3. really Personal big problems, hard to solve. If solved, my life would change. UPDATE ON THIS: I’m working now on a type 3 project… WOAH! I’m super excited and I’m preparing an mvp. It will have some decentralized elements, built on top of Ethereum! If you like Ethereum and you are a dev into dApps, let’s chat! @angelomilan As you may know, I published a lot of things about ethereum, and it was appreciated even by the ethereum  team, As you can see, I’m selfish. I take it personal. If solving my problems or creating something I really want helps other people, great. And if I help people, I create value. And value means money (directly or indirectly). I think you should be selfish as an entrepreneur. If you are not working on solving some problem you have or creating something you want personally, you will be not motivated enough. And I think big. Even if I know I could succeed solving little personal itches, I end to go for problems with higher priority. Chances of failure increase, but that’s challenging, and this is what I like about creating. So,  let’s start slow, I will try to solve a little itch problem. I wrote the word “I” 54 55 times in this post. So I feel I need to “Just start something”, but something I really want.   Are you “selfish” like me? Let me now in the comments. Follow this blog if you are interested in reading more. You can also get update via email if you register here, and of course I’m on twitter @angelomilan